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Great fucking game

I'm truly impressed how you managed to pack an adventure game with such depth, variety and size onto a web Flash game. It went on for longer than I would've imagined and kept me lots to do.

One thing I have to say really impresses me is the sound implementation. Every inch you take you hear a sound get louder or quieter. The volume of the music from the party changed for every step in the school entrance and the kid crying at midnight in the school really caught me off guard when I first heard it.

The puzzles are all simple and really work, although browser lag sometimes kills the action sequences. I couldn't really finish the paperclip side-missions because of them. I don't know if that's just the server or my browser being a bitch so I'm not grading off for that. Although one thing: Never put another RC car mission again.

I'm waiting with blue breath for Part 2, especially after that ending which caught me off guard. Probably the best game I've played on Newgrounds yet.

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Not a bad first start at all

Really, really rough game but playable compared to some of the other games I've played across the web.

The way the Twelve sprites are set compared to Ibuki though don't mishmash well, sometimes you'll go through them without damage, other times your attacks won't hurt them. Sometimes there are way too many on screen at once, as well.

For a first attempt though it's well done.

Takes a while to get used to

The game starts off really, really fast. For someone who didn't play the first it caught me off guard. But after several rounds I've been able to grab the hang of it.

Pretty great, although the game doesn't really explain in much detail how some of the mechanics work, just controls and that's it. I was running into random objects half the time figuring out what exactly they do.

Also I love how there's three penis levels on the recent custom stages list. Oh, Newgrounds.

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Simple game, not bad

Pretty decent shooter. There's a lot of variety in the enemies and bonuses for certain shots. It did seem, however, that if one target is close to you as you shoot another one further back, the shot automatically hits the closer one instead of the one you're aiming at. Works solidly otherwise.

Pretty great

I'm glad you don't have replay/going back options, it definitely forces the consequences of your actions onto you.

One glitch though: If you go to the park, even if your daughter's dead she'll appear on your sprite for a second, but disappear when you start moving.

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An RPG I can relate to.

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Kajio responds:

Haha, well I hope you get the money you need to college too ;)

"My god I've been missing for days"

10 for that line

Also not too hard to tell who came from Retsupurae in the reviews.

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Great game.

Reminds me of Limbo a bit. The puzzles are challenging but not stupidly hard.

Good metaphor for the addiction cycle.

Shantae is stuck in the mass desert. Apparently, all life has ceased to be. Except her, and her gigantic futa cock. As any lonely girl would do, she spends her time having fun with it. Or, the rest of her life, anyways.

This video gave me the sheer realization of what addiction does to us, as a corporate entity. We start off slowly (stroke the cock) get the rewards (semen), and end up wanting more (swallowing said semen). It made me realize some of the mistakes I've made in my life, and that I should fix them.

I've called up some family members and friends. I explained to them the theory and have shown them the video. My mother cried and hugged me, as she too realized how much shambles my life was in. I had a meeting with the local addictives group and I am currently residing in a rehab home.

This video really spoke to my heart. I tear up whenever I think about it. Thank you supersatanson, for giving me hope in my dead-end life. It's people like you that God blesses every day.

Anyways, good animation, could use sound and more options. But, then again, it's the *perfect* metaphor. Maybe Shantae 2: Futa Madness will be movie of the year. Keep it up.

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Finally, a Flash adventure game that I can play without wanting to kill myself five minutes in. (I mean myself, not in Johnny's case...)

It's... frighteningly accurate how much of the movie you've got down here. The locations look spot on from the movie, the football tosses were done in the same way (at least from what I remember), so on. It's great to see a lot of the subtle references too. Aside from all the usual catchphrases, which thankfully you don't dwell on too much, you've also got some of the more subtle jokes, like the psychiatrist guy getting killed (for anyone wondering, he disappears halfway through the movie and is replaced by that guy with the huge hair) and the police station trip.

It's slow, but that's kinda the point. It's a realtime reenactment of the movie and you get to suffer alongside Johnny. If anyone playing this finds it boring, this isn't the game at all for you. Looking at the reviews, it seems some people never heard of the movie, and unless you don't want anything spoiled (it's not much, trust me) I'd suggest looking up a summary of the movie and some of the stories behind it's infamy, it really helps a lot.

Excellent game. Anyone who decides to make an adventure flash in the future should play this first as an example of what to do right.

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some of your pass videos were crap but i liked this one for the space jam song and tha guy dancing but you should made him dance differently because he was not with the beat of the song and you kept makin it recycle through the same dance you could have u

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