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Finally, a Flash adventure game that I can play without wanting to kill myself five minutes in. (I mean myself, not in Johnny's case...)

It's... frighteningly accurate how much of the movie you've got down here. The locations look spot on from the movie, the football tosses were done in the same way (at least from what I remember), so on. It's great to see a lot of the subtle references too. Aside from all the usual catchphrases, which thankfully you don't dwell on too much, you've also got some of the more subtle jokes, like the psychiatrist guy getting killed (for anyone wondering, he disappears halfway through the movie and is replaced by that guy with the huge hair) and the police station trip.

It's slow, but that's kinda the point. It's a realtime reenactment of the movie and you get to suffer alongside Johnny. If anyone playing this finds it boring, this isn't the game at all for you. Looking at the reviews, it seems some people never heard of the movie, and unless you don't want anything spoiled (it's not much, trust me) I'd suggest looking up a summary of the movie and some of the stories behind it's infamy, it really helps a lot.

Excellent game. Anyone who decides to make an adventure flash in the future should play this first as an example of what to do right.


four more years

squidly responds:

Yeah... Four... More... Years...

*Meet n Fuck Tips*

Meet and Fuck Rina-Chan is the newest in the award-winning Meet and Fuck series. Here's some great codes to help you get into that p*ssy quicker:

- At Name Entry, enter "YungJIZZ" to get unlimited grape condoms.

- When Rina first offers you to eat her shit on a plate, DO NOT say "yes". This makes it longer until you get to f*ck her.

- Kirbopher is a tough rival who challenges you to win over Rina's heart. However, there are some tricks to avoid him. For instance, if you never step into the library (an area you'll never need to go during the game, only an optional choice) you'll never meet him. If you DO meet him, don't go into more than 3 areas on the days Rina calls you.

- The Tampon Megapack is actually a useless item, despite the description. You can trade it for a Heart Megapack to Dexter outside the coffee shop, however.

- At Name Entry, enter "YourAssDick" to give Rina a penis. You will not be able to suck it, but she will f*ck you, anyways. Keep in mind that this cheat can ONLY be used on Hardest difficulty.

- Throw a bomb inside the neighbour's window to receive a picture of Orangebeef.

- Rina will accept any bestiality pictures you give her that you receive by Kirbopher. Do NOT answer "Kirbopher" when she asks who you got them from, however, or else she'll toss them and you won't be able to talk to her for three days.

- Drinking coffee increases your Hormone Discharge ability. It will not increase past level 2, however.

- There are 15 endings. 14 bad endings, one good. The only way to get the good ending is to threaten suicide during Fall.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these tips. This is copyright MAYORMCHEESE, please do not copy this FAQ!!!

Hulalaoo responds:

Omg, delete this FAQ, this have all secrets of my GAME !

God I hate those fucking candy canes

Good brawler. Some of the hit detection was pretty amiss though, like sometimes I'd kick an elf and it didn't die, and the battle with the fudge guy was a bit precise because you had to be a bit farther away or else he wouldn't take any hits. But who cares in the end, good game.

This is fun, but damn

The learning curve is this is steep. I literally had no idea how to escape the menu when I brought it up. I feel like an idiot now, but I had some other several confusing moments.

How was I supposed to know how to fight the shadow? I just ran around like an idiot as he kicked my ass. I thought the rocks had something to do with it but it didn't seem to do anything so I just killed myself. And I get to level up all over again! Hooray!

Okay, all my negative bullshit aside, this game fucken owns. THANK YOU for putting a sound control, more games here need that. This game's huge and addictive and one of the best games I've seen on this site recently.

Overall, excellent game, it just screws you up for the first ten minutes or so though.


@ Knight-Of-Knights

much better than the first

this was a great improvement over the first game. what bugged me about the first was that it seemed very unbalanced and focused on throwing more and more battles at you. everything seems much more organized in the sequel and the leveling/skill setting process gives you a chance to set the battling straight instead of mindlessly throwing random attacks and hoping to get lucky.

I'd say the only downside is that Toxic seems nerfed, I used it at least once nearly every battle and only one opponent was poisoned. but honestly though if 20 more of these were made i'd never complain about any of them.

btw, anyone having trouble with the medals should just go to the medals menu and resend all of them, that seemed to be the only way on my end to trigger them, and thank god they save the medals you got after the savepoints.

This owns.

I think there's two different pain sounds for most of the monsters though.

The baron death is the coolest SFX ever.

ELEVENT responds:

I thought that too. Sadly I was disappointed.

oh my god

best thing to hit newgrounds in years

snow bros #1

so i'm wondering about naruto

does it hurt all those girls who go bare naked in the fishnets. like they're jumping around while the fishnets irritate their skin. i mean damn.

anyways great game i got #3 in world leaderboards!!!

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

It doesn't appear to hurt those girls at all because than those sexy skin tight outfits would be cutting off the circulation to there skin.

Just picture there turning as purple as grab due to lack of air.

not to mention painful rashes.

If you ever wore underwear too small for you before than you'll know what I'm talking about.


some of your pass videos were crap but i liked this one for the space jam song and tha guy dancing but you should made him dance differently because he was not with the beat of the song and you kept makin it recycle through the same dance you could have u

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your ass dick

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