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Alright game.

How do you tell the difference between the real coins and the fake coins? They both look the same, maybe fix it up so the fake ones are white or something. Not a bad attempt at a first game, but it could use some less simplicity, like adding more obstacles or something.

This is cool.

I made some crazy looking characters with this. The random button was a lot of fun.

Uhhh, huh?

It's a nice design, but what's the point? It's just a transitional name text. I'm obviously not getting the joke here, if there is any.

Just another Snake game.

It's neat to see Snake modeled after Salad Fingers, but there's just nothing different in this game from the original. Also, the dots were pretty hard to see, maybe they could've been brighter. And yeah, who did song 2?

It was okay.

Nothing too special, just a normal Tetris game with a Sonic background and enemies used as blocks. Nothing too exciting. But it isn't crappy, either.

But why does the score go up when you push down on the blocks?

WARTORIOUS responds:

I would have to agree, hope you get some fun from the game :-)

Fantastic game

I know almost everything about the NES (including the games in the Impossible section) and even I got a bit stumped! This was great. Maybe the next one could be of the SNES or the Genesis. Or maybe even a 'Deluxe' version of the NES quiz, with harder answers and more obscure games.

Good work.

I liked the idea of this. There was some great work in there.

Don't delete this game, BlueHippo!

I love this game!

BlueHippo responds:

aw, i love you MAYORMCHEESE <3


Usually, I don't bother with soundboards, but that was good stuff. What an insane person, to not mention the fact that she accepted the money after she found out it was for her gastric bypass surgery.

Good use of the video clips, too.

FattyWhale responds:

Yeah, that fatass.

Ahh... wack a mole games are always fun...

I thought this was a bit too easy however. But it's still a nice game.

some of your pass videos were crap but i liked this one for the space jam song and tha guy dancing but you should made him dance differently because he was not with the beat of the song and you kept makin it recycle through the same dance you could have u

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