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In my spare time I show SFM animations at my family reunions. My grandma loves them!

Any LISA flash is an auto 5 from me. Hope Austin sees this!

Came across this randomly.. that was cute and well done!

Okay, I have a FEW problems with this

First of all, I thought the movie was pretty funny. Not the epitome of comedy, but it had a chuckle here and there. Him thinking about Bonsly was funny and Dawn's face was too, and I don't mind if it looks like a Muppet.

That aside, I think I should mention someone that REALLY bugs me about this movie. Or, at least, your upload. When I first tried to play the movie, I got a really strange error. It was scrambled words that I never saw before. I figured that, since I didn't update Flash yet, maybe I should. So I did, and restart the movie. Got the same error message again, and it crashed my computer as well. So I thought "Huh?" and restarted it, thinking it was weird since that's never happened to me on Newgrounds before.

This time, before playing it, I decided to download the source file and watch it on my computer, as maybe my browser was having issues. So I did, and it seemed to play fine. However, this high pitched shrieking sound played for about twenty seconds in the beginning, which confused me. It actually sounded like a woman screaming at high pitch, but it disappeared so I ignored it. As the movie played, the voices seemed really low. It was not until the Sudowoodo died that the voices came back, loud and distorted. Which was odd.

As it started to zoom in on Sudo's face, his eyes began to change a bit. They became more anime-like, and I could see detailed red veins in his eyes. I figured that was nice detail by you, but for some reason, it just continually zoomed in without any sound, except for a faint drumming beat. This lasted nearly a whole minute. I thought the movie ended there, but then the Sudowoodo blinked and screamed, as he started crying frantically. As he blinked his eyes several times, very horrific photographs of war, terrorist attacks and corpses appeared behind his pupils. I dunno why you put that there Onions, that was kinda odd.

As Sudo was crying and the images played, I heard a female voice. She seemed to be talking about some sort of manifesto, talking about nationalism and governmental conspiracies. She warned Freemasons to quit watching at this point. She threatened to firebomb several prominent locations. Then suddenly, she mentioned my name. I figured this was a cute shoutout by you as a tribute to my amazing Ninja Kids series, but it got a bit weird when she said I would die of heart failure in two years. That was kinda weird I guess? Ah well, the images stopped and then it just showed a screamer and I threw my laptop across the room. Not a good ending, IMO.

Anyways I watched it again in a different browser and it worked normally, so maybe just a hiccup on my part. But you should keep these issues in mind and hopefully, Pokemon Bash 2 will be incredible.

OnionsXD responds:

Okay, I know what you mean by the high pitched noises. That happened to me to when I switched the audio publishing quality in flash. I don't know why it did that. But I'm going to blame the Mac computers at my college for messing that up.

When I switched the setttings to somewhere in the middle between bad and good quality the sounds seemed to work fine. I was still afraid some people might hear those deafening sounds though. And it turns out I was right.

HOWEVER, about the images in his eyes. And a womans voice? I think your trying to mess with me. e___e
I would never put that in a cartoon. XD

Thanks for the review though! :D

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Sneak Peak At Sonic Generations


forgot all about this

back when browsing collections actually mattered

haha wow

stuff like this makes me miss the kk

Yeah, um, that was quick

I'm probably missing something (since I didn't see the previous two episodes) but in this movie, Mario knocks Bowser into lava and he jumps back out. And that's.... it. I was expecting some kind of punchline or something but apparently that was it.

I'm trying to figure out how this was 9.3 MB as well. Either you left the audio uncompressed, or you threw a bunch of content into the library that you didn't remove. Movies you do this short should NOT be that big, ever. Sitting at a loading screen longer than the movie and credits combined isn't a good time.

At least the animation was smooth. I felt like I got sucker-punched, though.

Mario8th responds:

Then why did you vote a one. If something was good, at anything, it did not deserve a one. also, that's why I put in the author's comments that the rest was not shown, only the finally.
If you want to see a better one check out quicky2.


Good attention to detail.


How do I feel from the "Sonic Search for Love" series? Sonic-Master really did his best to write the greatest tale of our times, and after several film adaptations, I think this one best captures the personality. Reminds me of 70's-era Steven King flicks. Great job.

some of your pass videos were crap but i liked this one for the space jam song and tha guy dancing but you should made him dance differently because he was not with the beat of the song and you kept makin it recycle through the same dance you could have u

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