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Nicely done.

There wasn't anything I could find wrong about this. I'm glad you included a mute button, because that music was starting to get grating.

IZSBHR responds:

Thanks, MAYORMCHEESE! Yes, I had troubles with sound in earlier versions. Which is why you can't see those earlier versions XD! Thanks for the 7!

Good game.

Didn't really hold my interest for long, but it was fun while it lasted. Nice all around.

TrueDarkness responds:

No problem, thanks for the review, still glad you had fun when you played =)

Fantastic game!

I loved almost everything about this. It wasn't too hard or easy, the controls were simple, plus the zombies could be shot in different ways, which was cool.

I would've changed the text, though. Either it was the text style or color, but something bothered me about it.

GrimStudios responds:

did the text make you wriggle in your skin?! that's what I was going for...

o_O (kidding, i'm not that creepy.)

I fiddled with the controls for a lonnng time, and finally decided you would just aim at the ground, it seemed the simplest. :D

Really fucking cool

That was neat and it worked well. I'm surprised how smooth it was. Only thing I can suggest is next time to not use animated gifs, it kinda made me dizzy.

flash-man04 responds:

Lol, or maybe a button to turn them on and off? i dunno... thanks :D

i got a boner from that

the chainsaw one reminds me of the pic of the boot about to stomp a decapitated head....\

and yes im serious bout the title :(

Livecorpse responds:

lol, theres nothing more dead sexy than decapitated heads, Mayor!

You forgot one

'I banned the bitch for a week.'

LiquorClock responds:

WTF, HE BANNED THAT BITCH FOR A MONTH, olololollolol, kthx <33.


I hate yiffy and hentai and whatever, but you did a good job on that and it's a pretty hard game. Though Sally naked.... *shivers*.... i gotta go play some NORMAL Sonic now....

Yeowi responds:

Er... sorry if the hentai stuff bothered you. Thanks for giving me a kind review. Maybe i'll put a children mode.(to hide nudity for players who don't wanna see it.)

list o things to do:
1.more hitpoints
2.fight censorMan
3.add more time
4.make clothes pieces bigger
5.Perhaps add women running around
6.Fix frozen censorMan error on low quality
7.Possible error on tails clothes. May be impossible to win
8.Nudity on/off button for bigger audience.
9.High or low choice in curves and lines for fast and slow computers.


whoa creepy shit man. I don't know if you meant it to be scary or not but really it is. COMPLETE IT.

KronikNkoke responds:

Was kinda supposed to be creepy, might have worked. I'm working on an animation of this same thing with the same char's.


That was INCREDIBLE. I mean just INCREDIBLE. Your first game? Damn I thought you knew this stuff already! At first I was gonna give it average because the fighting wasn't much, but after that big yellow guy it got better! WOW! Tom, put this in the collections NOW!!!!!

Anax responds:

Companion! Very thankful for the comments. I know that the game didn't please all, but the one that imports is that made the game with a lot of dedication. I hope has amused at least you. I am happy of receiving a comment on my project.

That was some good shit

I didn't want to stop playing! But the characters looked like penises....

io3creations responds:

Yes, they sort of do because they are tutis. I'll make a game later that is not tuti related for all to enjoy.

some of your pass videos were crap but i liked this one for the space jam song and tha guy dancing but you should made him dance differently because he was not with the beat of the song and you kept makin it recycle through the same dance you could have u

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