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Total Medals Earned: 123 (From 28 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,715 Points

Stamper's Quest For Fags

Anti-Gravity Unlocked 4/30/09
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Going East Unlocked 4/30/09
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Heading West Unlocked 4/30/09
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Occasional Smoker Unlocked 4/30/09
10 Points
Score 50 points in easy mode.
2 pack-a-day 25 Points Score 50 points in medium mode.
Chain Smoker 50 Points Score 50 points in advanced mode.
Full-Time Addict 100 Points Score 100 points in nightmare mode.

Medals Earned: 4/7 (25/200 points)

Stickya Adventurya

Easier as it seems. Unlocked 4/30/09
5 Points
Kill the first enemy.
HOW COULD YOU?! 5 Points Destroy all the bunnies.
Knick knocker. 10 Points Explode the big mean door.
Well, that was fun now wasn't it. 25 Points Complete the game.
You're just great at this. 25 Points Die over 100 times.
Slice, Dice and Slash. 50 Points Defeat Slash in Guitar Hero.
You must be cheating! 100 Points Finish the game without dying more than 20 times.

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/220 points)

Street Fighter Collab

Domestic Violence Unlocked 5/19/09
25 Points
X marks the spot!
Tiger Nipples 25 Points Give 'em a pinch!
Tiger Uppercut 25 Points Knock that smug grin off Ryu's stupid face!
Turtles 25 Points Nobody likes a turtle!
Yodelay-hee-hoo! 25 Points Clickadick! Clickadick! Clickadick! Clickadick! Clickadick!
Ono Boners 50 Points Oh Ono!
Bloodshot 100 Points Watch the whole thing without skipping.
Egg Hunter 100 Points Find all the secret movies!

Medals Earned: 1/8 (25/375 points)

T E T R I S ' D: The Game

Competing Unlocked 1/5/10
5 Points
Submit your score.
One Wrong Move Unlocked 1/5/10
5 Points
Die by falling off the edge.
Still Alive Unlocked 1/5/10
5 Points
Stay alive for 50 block-drops
Tetris'd Unlocked 1/5/10
5 Points
Die by getting squished.
I'm Not Stopping Unlocked 1/5/10
10 Points
Stay alive for 100 block-drops.
'My Up Key is Jammed!' 5 Points Survive 15 seconds without jumping.
That Was Useful 5 Points Perform 15 corner-flips in one game.
Well Educated 5 Points Complete the Tutorial.
Addicted 10 Points Play the game for at least 20 minutes.
Leap, Kangaroo 10 Points Jump 50 times in one game.
Total Showoff! 10 Points Earn a score of 45+ seconds without jumping.
Dodgelicious 25 Points Stay alive for 250 block-drops.
Smooth Moves 25 Points Perform 3 consecutive wall-jumps.
Ninja 100 Points Perform 6 consecutive wall-jumps.
True G4m3r 100 Points Stay alive for 1337 block-drops.

Medals Earned: 5/15 (30/325 points)

The Room Tribute

Nastwich Unlocked 9/4/10
10 Points
Make a nasty sandwich.
The Johnny Unlocked 9/4/10
10 Points
Get Johnny's cafe order from the movie.
Best Friend Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Best your friend.
Bookworm Unlocked 9/5/10
25 Points
Bugged Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Record EVERYTHING (and listen).
Destroyer Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Payback Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
It's a bitch.
Pusher Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Push the hardest.
Rainmaker Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Make it rain!
Runner Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Win the race.
The Room Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Find it.
Receiver Unlocked 9/4/10
50 Points
Catch the ball every time.
The Machine Unlocked 9/4/10
50 Points
Activate it.
Unsee Unlocked 9/5/10
50 Points
See everything you shouldn't see.
Perfect Drug 50 Points Take down Chris R in three rounds.
Quarterback 50 Points Make a perfect pass every time.

Medals Earned: 14/16 (395/495 points)

Thing-Thing Arena 3

Execution Unlocked 4/4/09
5 Points
Perform an execution
You can shoot them too Unlocked 4/4/09
10 Points
Kill an enemy by only throwing weapons at them
Can't wait for it 5 Points Kill an enemy by shooting them with a grenade dart, and then with a spiked grenade
Abundance of ammunition 10 Points 50 Kills with a Single Glock 18
Beligerantly understated 10 Points 50 Kills with a Single Beretta
Buckshot Firestorm 10 Points 100 Kills with the PANCOR Jackhammer
Fire and shrapnel; this is my love 10 Points 100 Kills with the Spike Grenade Launcher
LAZOR OVURLOAD 10 Points 100 Kills with the Laser Cannon
Shove it up their nose and pull the trigger! 10 Points 50 Kills with a Single Lever Shotgun
Tag! You're dead! 10 Points 100 Kills with the Grenade Dart Launcher
Variety Kill 10 Points Kill an enemy by shooting them with at least 4 different weapons
Bullet hose wrangler 25 Points 100 Kills with dual Glock 18's
Chicago memoir 25 Points 100 Kills with the Thompson
Collateral Damage 25 Points 100 Kills with the Rebound Shotgun
Corrosive Personality 25 Points 100 Kills with the Acid Grenade Launcher
Crainial Eviscerator 25 Points 150 Headshots in one match
Deciple of Woo 25 Points 100 Kills with dual Berettas
Do ya feel lucky? 25 Points 100 Kills with the magnum
Hasta La Vista 25 Points 100 Kills with dual Lever Shotguns
Lead Pipe Ninja 25 Points 100 Kills with the Lead Pipe
Misanthropist 25 Points 150 Kills in a match
Never bring a pistol to a rifle fight 25 Points 100 Kills with the Tavor
Piercing Glare 25 Points 100 Kills with the Arrow Gun
Shotgun Sniper 25 Points 100 Kills with the M1187
Tried em all 25 Points Get a kill with every weapon during a single match
Divine Powers 50 Points 100 Kills with Artifact 19

Medals Earned: 2/26 (15/500 points)

Toss the Turtle

Acupuncture Unlocked 12/20/10
5 Points
Get skewered on spikes
Gold Star Unlocked 12/17/10
5 Points
Launch the Turtle
Jump Man Unlocked 12/17/10
5 Points
Smash a goomba
Novice Unlocked 12/20/10
5 Points
Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)
Strong Armed Unlocked 12/20/10
10 Points
Get punched by a banana
Question Mark 5 Points Find the hidden button
Amateur 10 Points Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)
Drunk Driver 10 Points Blow up a jeep
Harrasment 10 Points Crush an angry ground creature
in Space 10 Points Reach space
Abducted 25 Points Get caught by a UFO
Icarus 25 Points Get burned by a sun
Persistent 25 Points Play over an hour
Professional 25 Points Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)
Radioactive 25 Points Use a nuke
Addicted 50 Points Play over 2 hours
Golden Shell 50 Points Buy everything
Master 50 Points Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)
Traveler 50 Points Total over 1 million feet
WorldsEdge 100 Points Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)

Medals Earned: 5/20 (30/500 points)

Wasted Youth, Part 1

A Little on the Side Unlocked 7/5/11
5 Points
Complete a side-mission
Antiquist Unlocked 7/6/11
5 Points
Inspect Stouffer's painting
Bustin' For a Crap! Unlocked 7/6/11
5 Points
Take a shit
Education, Education, Education Unlocked 7/5/11
5 Points
Go to a lesson
Flower Fun Unlocked 7/6/11
5 Points
Water your plant
Hello, Hammy Unlocked 7/5/11
5 Points
Say Hello to Hammy the Hamster
Lazy Bones Unlocked 7/5/11
5 Points
Take a nap in the day
Lock Picker Unlocked 7/6/11
5 Points
Pick a lock successfully
Tele Addict Unlocked 7/5/11
5 Points
Watch TV
Too Much Fud Unlocked 7/6/11
5 Points
Be sick
Completionist (1) Unlocked 7/5/11
10 Points
Complete 3 of the Main Missions
Piggy Love (1) Unlocked 7/5/11
10 Points
Collect 10 Piggymon Cards
Stylish Prat Unlocked 7/5/11
10 Points
Wear a different costume
Super Drinker Unlocked 7/6/11
10 Points
Drink all 3 types of drink
Super Eater Unlocked 7/6/11
10 Points
Eat all 4 types of meal
Completionist (2) Unlocked 7/5/11
25 Points
Complete 7 of the Main Missions
Piggy Love (2) Unlocked 7/6/11
25 Points
Collect 25 Piggymon cards
Completionist (3) Unlocked 7/6/11
50 Points
Complete the game
NERD! Unlocked 7/7/11
50 Points
Attend every lesson
Book Worm 25 Points Read every book
Facebook Stalker 25 Points Read all pupil profiles
Piggy Love (3) 50 Points Collect all 50 Piggymon cards
Socialism 50 Points Talk to everybody
Well and Truly Done 100 Points 100% completion

Medals Earned: 19/24 (250/500 points)