some of your pass videos were crap but i liked this one for the space jam song and tha guy dancing but you should made him dance differently because he was not with the beat of the song and you kept makin it recycle through the same dance you could have u

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Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - September 5th, 2010

The classic Newgrounds game "The Room Tribute" has some pretty funny moments. But even funnier is some of these glitches I found! Yes, after spending eight months digging through the game, I found some pretty great moments that would make even Tommy Wiseau "Laugh Out Loudly". Try these out and have some fun!

Naked Johnny Glitch
How'd you like to get Johnny to go to work in the bare nude? Crazy huh? Here's the trick to doing so:

- First, start a brand new game. This won't work on a previously played Continue file.
- Play the game normally. When you get to the second morning (the day where you have to get roses for Lisa) take a shower, put on work clothes, then walk to Denny's room.
- Click on the dirty bucket to trigger Johnny's laugh. Then walk out of the room.
- Walk to Mark's room. Click on the sexxy statue on the left (it won't work with the one on the right), then click on the beer bottle on the counter, then on the TV.
- Walk out of Mark's room and go straight to work. Talk to Lisa's mom when she appears.
- After talking to her, go straight to the police station.
- Click on the officer at the far left. Then leave the station.
- Walk to your apartment and enter Denny's room.
- Click on the bucket again. After the laugh triggers, but BEFORE the text finishes up, quickly disable the music.
- With the music still off, leave Denny's room and go straight to your bedroom.
- Take a shower. After finishing, put on your work clothes. Then take another shower. As you're taking the second shower, toggle the music back on.

For some reason, the game thinks you put your clothes on and will let you proceed without Johnny stopping you! Even if the game tells you to dress a certain way, you can actually keep going without putting on the clothes. This can last until you receive the tux. If you ever want to deactivate this, put one of your clothes on.

Activate the Machine without attaining all the spoons
It's also possible to trick the game into thinking you got all the spoons, even if you didn't. Unfortunately, this doesn't trigger the achievement, but you still see the cutscene. Here's how:

- Start a new game. When you have to buy a new dress for Lisa, enter the dress store.
- Click on the dress, then leave, without clicking on anything else.
- When you get to the apartment, go immediately to Mark's room and trigger the first Unsee scene.
- Leave Mark's room without clicking on anything else again, and go to your home.
- Before putting the dress on Lisa, disable the music.
- After the scene plays, follow Lisa to her bedroom, but before jumping on the bed, go back downstairs and trigger the second Unsee scene.
- After that, you can play the game normally, but don't toggle the music on. When you get to the point where you have to take Denny home, enter his room and trigger the third Unsee scene.
- Keep playing (without turning on Music) until you get to the final scene where Johnny goes on a Rage.
- Go upstairs and get the gun. Now toggle the music on. Commit suicide.

Congratulations! You've activated the machine without the spoons!

Well, that's all I've found. Let me know of any more hilarious Room Tribute glitches you come across!

'The Room Tribute' glitches

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - August 27th, 2010

can't knock ya for that
but that's your ass in you get in the scrap

all that pre-game, loudmouthed locker room yap

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - August 22nd, 2010

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ash & mothaf*ckin sin

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - August 14th, 2010

good times

good times

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - August 1st, 2010

rule number 2, give respect where respect's due

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Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - July 16th, 2010

long live the new flesh

kasso killer

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - July 8th, 2010

oh my g*sh

i never thought it'd get to this day. i'd like to thank newgrounds for believeing in me ever since i was young. i cannot thank u all enough.

RIP ninja kids, and thank you all very much.

daily 1st

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 30th, 2010

the day the portal is unprepared for

july 6th, 2010

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 14th, 2010

After Bulls guard Ron Harper slips on some spilled orange soda, injuring himself, all of Chicago is out to get Kenan & Kel.


Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 9th, 2010

f*ckin lame man!!! gonna kil myself

why cant i make frontpage posts anymore