some of your pass videos were crap but i liked this one for the space jam song and tha guy dancing but you should made him dance differently because he was not with the beat of the song and you kept makin it recycle through the same dance you could have u

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your ass dick

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Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - July 15th, 2009

...and unbanned?

zekey was banned?

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - July 8th, 2009

here's better politcial coverage

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Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - July 4th, 2009

i wish he still came to newgrounds

"It looks like Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy isn't very fond of the media lately and this report isn't going to help much.

The young hitmaker has exploded into a race ridden tirade on his official twitter account--blaming "crackers" for how he is continuously portrayed in the media.

"My music dream was THE SHIT 2 years ago before I was signed. It was everything I could ever imagine." Soulja Boy posted.

Then I get signed. this is where my dream slowly died.. these crackaz wanna critcize a n***a. take REAL SHIT and turn it to trash.

Water down my music and my appearance and make me look like something i'm not. THESE CRACKERS DONT KNOW WHO THE FUCK I REALLY AM!!!

I go to the studio make new music for my fans to enjoy and party to. They take my shit hate on me. Make me look ignorant in the media"

Soulja Boy also says his music dream died out two years ago, after hitting the top of the charts with Crank Dat.

"It's all bullshit. Like WHY do I have to put up with this? because it's my dream? that shit died when crank that went #1

Just KNOW that i'm only 18 man... And it's only so much I can do. It's only so much I can take. If your really fans and love and support me"

No word on what exactly caused this tirade as of yet. You can check out the full posts by clicking the image above."

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 28th, 2009

me and cuteandfuzzy and snawsball and daveb0t working on new flash movies!@!!!

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Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 25th, 2009

mj is dead

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 22nd, 2009

HOYL SHIT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 18th, 2009


there is a lot of boobs on the first page of the art portal

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 13th, 2009

Fuck Cuuurtis Wackson
Fuck Camel Face
Fuck Judas Jones
Fuck Nass

***Fuck anyone who%uFEFF hates on Camron!!! If you fuck with King Joffe Joe AKA Spacely Crockett and cant wait for "Crime Pays" to drop in November...*** (NO DOWNLOADING PLEASE!)



Dipset BITCH!!!!

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let's talk about socialism (part 1)

Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - June 8th, 2009

bush is ruining everything

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Posted by MAYORMCHEESE - May 30th, 2009

all generals stand his line, salute n***a,

you kno me from spending the loot, also put rims on the coupes, remember duke i spin to shoot, i aint hear the kid the youth/skip a loose, get a ounce, flip a deuce, hit the stoop, remember stupid im here to tell u that im living proof/crime pays, im glad u hate, n***a go and masterbate, took my cap and gown pictures but i aint graduate/crime pays, put a vision to see, O.G. glisten and glee, sit in the v, did it in three, homeboy listen to me

crime pays, 99 ways, 9 gage, ak 47 homie hit the highway/crime pays, i gotta record company, liquor and clothing line, cause my weed was fresh, coke was white, dope was nine

Bird cage! that's what its gonna be, 3rd grade mr massey asked us what we wanna be/jeff said a lifeguard, bobby sed a fire fighter, jeff gone have a porsche and bobby sed he'll have a spyder/david sed police, wanda sed she wished to dance, they gon get married, have big crib in france/i started acting up, wait a minute back it up, this aint math class but this shit aint adding up/then mr massey looked and that's when the teacher asked, you gotta problem Cam, yea i shud teach this class, maybe ill reach they ass, tell them they dont need to have degrees in math, know your credit debit plus reciepts for cash/a few geeks had laughed, i told the dude stop your wishin, you wont have a pot to piss in wit that damn job u gettin/call cam a gift, they wasn't understanding this, damn im rich/a drug dealer turned out Philanthropist

crime pays, 99 ways, 9 gage, ak 47 homie hit the highway/crime pays, i gotta record company, liquor and clothing line, cause my weed was fresh, coke was white, dope was nine

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crime pays